Conserving Water

Sprinkler Installation Issues With Saving Water

Broken Sprinkler System SpokaneSaving water has been a hot topic lately with the droughts in the midwest and the lack of rainfall in the West. Water is one resources that is everywhere, but useable water is another issue. We can’t really drink the ocean water, although recent technological advances have made it easier to distill the ocean water and create drinkable water from it, but the expenses to do something like that out weights the positives of it. Getting water from a river source or snowfall from the mountains is still the top producing water.

Ever look at a water bottle and wonder where they are getting that water from? Most likely its coming from a faucet and then filtered but some brands still get their water from melting snow or glaciers.

Spokane Washington not only is surrounded by mountains but its also next to a desert. Many people don’t realize that Eastern Washington is extremely dry and hot in the summers. Spokane sits right on the edge of a desert and the Rockie Mountains to the east.

With the lack of water it’s important that people conserve as much water as possible. One of the biggest ways someone can conserve water is obviously not use it to water their yard or gardens, but realistically if that happened then we would create a whole other issue, fire danger. Keeping lawns green and alive helps not only the environment but also helps protect buildings from any possible wildfires.

How does a sprinkler help conserve water?

Many people who water their lawns without a sprinkler are putting more water than what is needed on the yard. With a sprinkler, the sprinkler heads are gauged to water the surrounding area with as much proficiency as possible, not over watering and not under-watering the area.

If you do not have a sprinkler system then you most likely have one of the store bought sprinklers that you set outside. These systems are not on any sort of timer and can run all day or night, if you forget to turn them off.

By having a sprinkler system you can also water your lawn on a timer and set schedule. Hiring a company to install the system for you is the best thing to do. They will make sure you are setup and that you are watering your lawn with the right amount of water.

Spokane Landscaping is a company located right in Spokane, WA who has been serving the area since 1997. For the past 16 years they have been mowing lawns, fertilizing yards, trimming trees and installing sprinklers. Not only do they install sprinkler systems but they can also fix broken systems. Having a system that works correctly is just as important with conserving water.

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We recommend having your sprinkler system looked at or serviced at least once a year, usually in the Fall time. Spokane Landscaping can service your sprinkler system as well as do Fall blowout services in order to help protect your system during the cold winter months. Even though Spokane is right next to a desert, they also can have very cold winters. If you are interested in conserving water in Spokane, then go here – and see how you can get a sprinkler system of your own.